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Basic functions:
•Basic pricing function: Press down the deadhead light and be in service, the screen will display the unit price, mileage, waiting hours and total fare.
•Data storage function: It can store the data of 1500 times’ operation condition, daily operation data and total operation data.

•Clock adjustment function: The real time can be restored to the sharp o’clock within 5 minutes before or after the sharp o’clock once a month.
•Programming function: It is equipped with special programmer, so operation standards such as the unit price can be updated according to the requirements of local supervision and regulation departments without hardware and chip replacement.

• Power-off protection: When the power is cut off or the voltage is lower than the specified value, the taximeter will automatically enter into protection mode, and the current data and the previously stored data can be kept for over 5 years.
•Automatic detection function: The taximeter will have automatic detection when it is switched on.
• Power-saving function: Switch off the taximeter when taxi is stopped in order to save the electricity and protect the battery.

 • High brightness fluorescent/digital display: The screen is much more gracious and elegant.
• Periodic inspection forcing control function: The authorized department can input the periodic inspection date. The taximeter will stop working without periodic inspection; at most three departments can have this authority.
• Brand-new unique mounting base: It can ensure convenient and rapid installation.
Optional functions:

• Common voice server: Automatically broadcast greetings for on and off passengers.
• Standard voice server: Provide automatic voice service for on and off passengers including greeting, mileage and taxi fare, etc.
• Printing function: Print invoices in compliance with State standard in less than 20 seconds when the Deadhead light is erected after service.

• IC card tax control function: It supports tax control initialization, tax control information acquisition, driver’s file management, tax control parameter regulation, tax inspection, etc.

 • Unique multi-function display screen: Dispatch information, incoming phone numbers, operation instruction and advertisements can be displayed.

• Remote data transmission system: Wireless data transmission is available through GSM and GPRS network, which can realize the remote taximeter operation data acquisition; Short messages and conversation are available with handsets for remote dispatch.
• GPS Global Positioning System: GPS satellites’ signals are received at any time and transmitted to the Management Center through remote transmission system for the convenience of safety management and dispatch. For more information, please refer to the GPS/GPRS vehicle monitoring system instruction of our company.
• All-in-one card charging system: Cash payment is replaced by the MI card to coordinate with the implementation of all-in-one card project of the city.
• Advanced USB master interface: Taximeter operation data can be acquired through USB flash disk.
•Taxi operation information management system: Various functional cards for taximeters can be produced to manage the information of vehicle and driver, etc, analyze and process all the operation data. (For more functions, please refer to the Management System Instruction Manual).